Daily Archives: June 4, 2021

Amanda Of Ladram: New Newlyn netter settles into customary tripping pattern

4th June 2021 Skipper John Walsh and his experienced crew have quickly settled into their well-established pattern of working hake and trammel nets over runs of neap tides, before taking a few days in harbour when stronger spring tides are running, report Quentin Bates and David Linkie. Amanda of Ladram PW 6 berthed at Newlyn for the first time towards ...

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Plan to develop Bridlington’s ‘lobster tourism’ potential

3rd June 2021 Work is underway on an ambitious five-year plan that will see Bridlington take full advantage of its position as the largest lobster port in Europe, boosting the town’s tourist trade and enhancing its reputation for supplying world-class seafood. In 2019, Bridlington saw landings of £10m of shellfish, equating to 311t of lobster, 2,669t of crab and 572t ...

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