Daily Archives: September 5, 2021

2021 Seafish fleet survey researchers’ diaries: Sunny days

2nd September 2021 Juan Carlos Paredes Esclapez reports from the North East of England In my last article, I remarked on how different things seemed since 2019, when Joe, Oscar and I were on the quayside for our last pre-Covid fleet survey. We’re now a couple of months into this year’s survey, and it’s great to see activity fully coming ...

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Younger diners ‘want more transparency from chippies’

3rd September 2021 British attitudes towards the national dish of ‘fish ’n chips’ are evolving, according to new research by the Norwegian Seafood Council. As sustainable fishing rises up the agenda, diners now expect more when it comes to sourcing and are demanding greater transparency. This change is being driven by younger, more environmentally aware consumers. The UK continues to ...

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