Daily Archives: October 5, 2021

Fisherman issues PFD warning after MOB brush with death

5th October 2021 A fisherman has issued a simple but life-saving message to his fellow crewmen following his recent rescue after he fell overboard: “A lifejacket and PLB saved my life: wear them.” It had started out as an ordinary working day for fisherman Paul Reed (pictured above, right), who got up, got dressed ready for a day out at ...

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French licences spell ‘death warrant’ for Jersey industry

4th October 2021 The Jersey government confirmed last week that it will issue 64 full licences and 31 temporary licences to French vessels to fish in Jersey waters, on top of the 47 vessels already licensed to do so earlier this year. It has refused licences to 75 French vessels, and has given 30 days’ notice of the ending of ...

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