Good The ZYG 808 BoOMBAPJAZz hip-hop Song music

BoOMBAPJAZz is the hip-hop jazz album by Grammy nominated, urban music producer/composer/artist, The ZYG 808, Bringing lyrical prowess together with brilliant musicianship, The ZYG 808 delivers a branding punch with this project. Playing his first studio session at age 11 and headlining the Boston Jazz Fest at age 11 as a drummer, The ZYG 808 is a force on the rise.

Aside from his own projects, which range from hip-hop to jazz to rock to neo-symphonic, The ZYG 808 has been working on a number of collaborations with other artists, including creating his producers album, “This Is Southeast Thump” celebrating the regional sound of which he is a progenitor.

For more info, follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @thezyg808 or visit his website


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